To stay out of trouble…

In life many people are familiar to troubles, mistakes, accidents, disagreements, crimes and may other bad happening. Do you know you are your own enemy? Your thoughts affects your feelings; your feelings afects your actions; your actions affects your life. Now here is a piece of advice to stay out of trouble.

First, you don’t have to react to whatever action that happens around you. You don’t have to respond to gossipers or back stabbers. You don’t have to argue with whoever tries to argue or creat a conflict. Stay neutral. Ignore and act like everything is allright no matter how they force and go. Just walk away as a fool to stay safe. Responding will instead creat a platform for continuity of the pressure in the issue.

Secondly, be humble and quiet listener in every conversation. Don’t be so quick to talk or give your opinion. Be polite and give the one talking a free-humbled time to talk. Don’t be too judge-mental over someone trying to expressing his ideas. This will break that dignity and ethnic of human values. Later may end up being misunderstanding and lead to trouble.

Thirdly, don’t be gossipy and chatty chatty mouthish behaviour. These will trap you into trouble just because of little piece of information that seems to be like a joke for granted. Even when corps are investigating on a case and discover you were one of the suspects, despite whatever you said didn’t see too serious, it still gets you trapped. Be careful whatever you say or do.

Thirdly, leave people business alone and mind your own. In life exists three main types of business. This includes: Nature business, Peoples business and Your business. Nature ones are like diseases, deaths etc. Peoples business includes:gossiping, bragging, competition etc. Your business includes: your habits, behavious, personality, values, beliefs etc. So why don’t you stop minding things like jealousy, peer pressure, crime, competition etc. Live a free life and think about yourself. Where is your future upto? What are you planning this season? What change are you gonna make? Etc.

Fourthly, do good and good will come back to you. As they say, a good tree with good system never sows bad fruits and what goes around comes around so watch your ways. Whoever lives by bad dies by bad and the reverse is true. Live with others the way you want them to live with you. If you act rudely, they also act rudely back to you. If you deceive them, they also deceive you back. So watch your steps before you make them.

Lastly, be satisfied for what you have and always be thankful. Your life would be greater if you gave thanks for everything. Don’t be too greedy. Stop comparing yourself with others because its like you are insulting your self. Remember happiness is not about enjoying after having what you want, but appreciating and celebrating whatever little you have in life. Life is a gift don’t misuse it. Don’t take it for gran-ted. Always be happy no matter hard the situation is. It shall pass away. Stay encouraged and motivated. Things change but life still goes on. So who are you to stuck your life on the same outline. Be wise!


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