Have you ever slept with your boss?

Its october 2019 and Kenyans are still sleeping with their bosses despite many warnings. And no wonder: no matter how high achieving, female excutives will not reach the very top of their proffession unless they find a sponsor. These are the reason why it is seen out there as a good thing to treat your boss with those ‘goodies’.

1. Promotion

Promotion is nice, the perks are good as well. Kenyans most of the times do it out of naivety or flat-tery, and there are guys who try to leverage the situation or show off to colleagues because they percieve themselves to be in a position of power (Because they’re sleeping with the Boss).

2. Quartely/ Annual Bonuses

Everyone loves recognition. Kenyans love praises as well. Receiving an envelope with extra bonuses or being named as the best employer of the month is a big boost to some. This is what leads them to sleep with their bosses.

3. Office Politics

Internal politics and power in the office play a big role and if you sleep with your boss, then you will be seen as having power over your colleagues and also being in a better position. And time to the fact you indeed might be.

4. Thrill

Authority at some point is always a turn on. Some employs sleep with their bosses for the thrill of it. They also want to bring to their colleagues that “they can also get what they want.”

5. Love

No matter what your intentions, or how bowled over by love you might be, the chanced of creating a toxic environment by sleeping with your boss are high. Love might be there and real but most of your colleagues would not understand.

Bottom line:

All in all sleeping with any collea-gue is tricky. Sleep with your boss and the stakes are far higher than a one-night-stand with some dude you meet in a bar. Even if you’ve done nothing wrong, you risk harming your relationship with your colleagues, and even your own career prospects if tables decide to turn. Be carefull!


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