Is this what we came for?

In our todays world full of vast occupation and complexity of technology, life has dramatically change. Getting a job is much as easier as losing it. Relationships are like connectivity for granted. No society for serious punishment over rude youths. Ponography all over the media. Drug and substa-nce abuse is the city trend. Evertime is bad or broken news. Conflict! Conflict! Conflict! Respect is long foregone. People just don’t mind about it anymore. Insulting your parents is the same way with insulting your agement. Old is never gold today. No advices do grandchildren seek from their grandparents. No parental advice than before. Everything kids are learning from external world. They even no more than what you know. No one thinks of ‘success’ people just want to get ‘lucky-rich’ i.e through gambling, future-hopes etc. No hardwork. No patience. We all want to be the best one day. Others want to rule. Others want to be recognized and be appreciated. No one wants to invest heavily. We all want ‘shortcuts’. Quick fix. Cheating. Pretendance. Hypocrisy. Greed.

In summary life has greately changed. Alternatives everywhe-re. No one wants to sacrifice in order to archieve it rather we all want to use shortcuts. Cheat in politics. Cheat in relationships. Cheat in business. Cheat in education. Why don’t we become responsible for our outcomes? If a child becomes rude, its a parents responsibility to correct and guide him to the right way. If a child becomes too addicted to phone, its parents duty to find solution i.e to make him bussy or attached to something that redu-ces his concentration on phone.

As we all know education begins at home with parents or guardians. If you don’t teach your kid, then I assure you, world shall do it for you. What is the world? Anything that surrounds us and can influence our life. That tele-vision can turn your childs beha-viour, opinions, beliefs, ideas etc. He may shift his paradigm into something different. Like for instance if your child was not a smoker, he/she could get influenced by music videos full of smoking individuals. This moti-vates him/her into copying because he/she could admire to be like the individual on it. In addition your kid may start admiring rich & expensive life-style of an actor, hence he starts to spend more money in shopping i.e buying expensive shoes, clothes, watches etc. What else? Do you know it can also alter his/her mental judgement? Lets take for instance, if the child reads from internent informa-tion about status quo that says: “Poor class people are witchcrafts”, how do you expect to behave incase he/she comes across one of them. Parents are living a different world from that of which their children are living in. Who is resonsible? Is this what we came for?


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