Do you worry about “what people will say”

Hey… Welcome to a new world with me and I get you into a different place. To be honest with you am leaving a free life out of mental slavery. I always tell my workmates these strong wise words from the day I became a motivational speaker:

In life you got to believe that there is friends & enemies just like bad & evil. You can never make everyone like you no matter how good you try to be. Just understa-nd few will hate you and few will love you period! Accept it! Believe it! Its a reality! You are not the first one to be hated. Even Jesus was betrayed and crucified by the same same human beings you see today ‘praising His name’. So who are you to fear what they say after all what matters is the end the day. Don’t mind people and people will stop minding about you. Don’t gossip so much and people will stop gossiping so much about you. Remember for every reaction force there is opposite acting force. Live your life. Die and get burried alone. Everything good always come with pain. So don’t watch the ones that gain, one fact remain, one blood run through the vein. Be a solid that never rock. Take for instance of the story about a:

Farmer who was travelling with his vehicle carried tools for slaughter of a cow and was being waited by the slaughers to deli-ver them in minutes time. But as he waa on the way, he saw a dog running and barking after him. Instead of focusing with the pro-gress to arrive in time, the farmer was getting worried about the dogs barking behind him. So this led to him arriving late after the slaughter men had already borrowed tools from neighbou-ring farmers.

What do you learn from these tale? First, stop fearing of the present and focus on the present. The barking dog represent ‘gossipers, rumour creators, haters, enemies, jealousy minded’ etc. Don’t waste your time trying to please them. Focus on your personal life. If its quit, its quit! Say it and mean it! You don’t have to try to make everyone happy. It just like: we can’t all go to heaven because hell will lose its meaning. There is no meaning of friends if enemies don’t exist. So get that and believe it!


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