Board games, Chinese and Mediterranean goodness

By Eugine Madasi

Dining in NAIROBI is becoming tricky these days, especially now with the opening up with many restaurants and with the abuda-nce of new innovative dishes. The best thing is that this has opened up diversity for Nairobi-ans to choose from, giving us even more food to sample and restaurants to try. Here are some of our five top restaurants you should check out.


Attibassi is a quant coffee house in Upper Hill that offers a beauti-ful array of foods and drinks. You have a choice of sitting in the restaurant or enjoying the out-doors at the balcony. It is ideal for a quiet weekend and for busy workday, illuminating its adapta-bility.

Located on the ground floor,of Britam towers, Upper Hill.


For lovers of African cuisine, Ankole Grill offers a variety of foods prepared with an African touch. Some options include sweet potato uji (porridge), pemba sushi and Congo Bongo chicken. The restaurant hosts a band on selected days, giving a dope mix of meal and music.

Located in Senteu Plaza, Galana Rd, Kilimani.


If you are looking for a Mediter-ranean vybe, Karel T Lounge at the Village Market is the place to go. The blue and white decor grabs your attention the moment you arrive. Sitting is on couches for a cozy dining experience or the set tables for a semi-formal meal. The menu is filled with a Mediterranean offering includ-ing vegetarian meals and seafood options, all at an affordable rate.

This opt is located on the New Wing, first floor, Gigiri – Village Market.


This is the perfect choice for any-one looking to enjoy a meal with friends and family. It combines food and games, giving it a casual and fun atmosphere. Not suitable for when you are in a rush, so that you can get to sample the various board games on offer and enjoy drinks including a delicious hot toddy to warm you up.

It is located in 8th floor, Pramukh Towers, Westlands.


For lovers of any food Chinese, Silk Noodles go-to spot. It boasts a wonderful menu that includes beef noodle soup and stir fried noodle. The easy-to-miss eatery gets quite busy, so make sure you plan your day accordingly. Fortu-nately every meal is worth it.

Located in Remax Shopping village on Argwings Kodhek Road.


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