Talk of ‘future’

In life people have dreams, visions, hopes, expectations and faith of being successful. We all want to live the best life ever than before. These brings me to my topic about future in relation to humanity. Actually, the reality stands in the sowing and reeping. The act of life investment is what drives every outcome we get. How you invest your time is the greatest investment you can make in life. It affects you in a higher percentage of whatever results you get. Do you agree with me? Okay let me reveal the secret today once and for all. For instance if you want to be a perfect driver of a vehicle, then you have to train, drive and gain experience with it. As it goes practice makes it perfect. If you want to be a best vocalist then you have to invest your time in music school as you keep practicing on making it. If you want to write a good poem, then you have to practice by writting various poems in order to archieve to the best of all. Investing your time is what matters when it comes to better out come.

Okay, why am I talking about this topic? Why only stress on time investment? The answer is here. Recently I was invited as a motivational speaker from abroad to give a talk on ‘productivity and investment’ to employees. On the event I had to launch one of my book ‘The Silent World’ which I had been working on. Audiences really appreciated my outcome and had to inquire more about what I do, how I do and the final outcome. One of the audiences asked me a question on how I managed relationships with work schedules at the same time. A good question for today.To be sincere ther is nothing impossible to do. You can make it if you try. For me I had to plan my schedules with the so called ‘to-do-list’ which many of you have come across. To-do-list helped me in investing my time appropria-tely. I had to plan for hours of various activities and later get enough time for friends, family and society. I could also volunt-eer on various community tasks with the accompany of my family members. Planning your time will give you strength and motivation of progressing with daily activities. You don’t have to panic or get anxious of it anymore. Take time, plan your activities on night before the day, then wake up and start with the harder ones as you move to the easiest ones. Have a time table and a watch clock that will alert you of what you are supposed to be doing. Keep dates and never procastinate unless its a emergency or vital condition to do so. Keep moving. Also don’t forget to create time to relax and enjoy some fresh breeze. Remember we are human beings -we are not meant to be super bussy that we forget ourselves. As life goes on and so does time, so are you there to be left behind.


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