Success, money and religion… What’s your pick

As I was hiking around my home town, I could hear people talk and gossip on matters pertaining success, money and religion. Some say: rich people are wicked, money is evil, religious people are misusing church funds, success means being wealthy, money is the root of all evils, you can’t be successful without money and many other opinions. I also hope you have heard of these mere facts and ideas from surrounding people. Okay, today am just going to summarrize the whole of it in few words down in a paragraph highlited:

Money is not the root of evil but the love of it; Success is not about being wealthy but touching peoples lives in a positive way; religion is not about how people behave but your faith towards who you worship; you can be poor but successful; success is about continous activities not a final outcome or destination; success is just measured by being wealthy,famousity, change, influence etc.


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