Are you rejected, hated or disliked?… Read out

Hey, tsup? Are you feeling guilty of being rejected, hated or disliked at any situation. Life seems to be rough on your side that everyday ends in sad manner. You feel bored and depressed. Nobody is willing to listen to you anymore. They keep ignoring you in any action you make. It feels like you see no happiness in living. Society sees you as failure since you didn’t choose what they expected you to choose. Relationships are full of jealousy, negativity and untrustworthy felllow. They keep using you and end up dumping you at last. Thingskeep falling apart.

Okay, welcome to better place to be. Actually don’t worry yourself much into life conditions. Sometimes people don’t stay where they are no matter how bad or good it is. There is time for everything in life cycle. Time for rejection; time for acceptance ; time for make up; time for break up; time for sadness; time for sadness. So maybe its now your time for it. And whatever has a beginning, has an end so is it. Or are you a believer who reads bible or aware of it. It really says that; a way that seems right in the eyes of a man, the end of it is death. And so if they reject you on their eyes, may you are on the right track. Just don’t worry more.

Invest your soul in the Kingdom of God by being prayerful.

Remember a prayer a day keeps the devil away so why not try it. Have a nice day!


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