A chain unbroken outlawed almost everywhere, slavery lives on in the dark recesses of the global economy…(Anna’s story)

For years Anna could not find work in her hometown. A seemingly kind person offered her a job on a mushroom farm abroad. All Anna had to do was borrow some money, pay a few fees, and hand over her passport. He would take care of the rest. Anna left her family and friends, only to find herself working in te-rrible cinditions on the farm. She was intimidated and physically abused. Her employer withheld her wages, saying she owed him money.

One day, the police raided the farm. They arrested all the workers and held them in detenti-on for having false passports and no working permits. They trealized Anna had been trafficked so they gave her a choice: press charges or go to jail. But the traf-fickers threatened to harm Anna’s family back home. She had no money for a lawyer, and the traf-fickers’ lawyers claimed she was lying and had violated the law. The judge could not find enough evidence to charge the traffickers. Anna was told she had to leave the country. Since she could not pay back the money she had borrowed to go abroad, she stayed illegally and found work as a domestic worker. Her new employer exploited her too, but she was afraid to go to the police. She was trapped…


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