Are you heartbroken and planning to fix things up?

Have you ever been in a relation-ship and end up in a heart break. Let say for instance you broke up with a lady but you don’t wanna loose her. She has been good to you until the last minute. Are you planning into getting her back. Okay well I know you are quite prepared for the hunt but just don’t do the following. First, don’t use her close friends to go and pass your apology to her. This won’t help you anymore, it will just ooze her mind on your personality. Second, don’t visit her to her place or home expecting that she would listen you up. Instead she would flash you out. Third, don’t rush into flattering her so much with expectation of fixing up things easily. Lastly, don’t beg her too much into accepting you. This will undermine your power to her. As a man, be humble and kind to her. Send her well wish messages as you continue with life. Don’t act to be so deep into her. Act simple. Appreciate her for whatever good memories she did awhile ago. Congragulate for whatever achievement she attains. Be nice but not too nice. Maintain your slogan and focus on self-improvement strategies. Go to gym, eat healthy, be active and enjoy life.


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