Effectiveness of P/PC Balance in Relation to Aesop’s Fable of The goose and the golden egg

This fable is the story of a poor farmer who one day discovers in the nest of his pet goose a glitter-ing golden egg. At first, he thinks it must be some kind of trick. But as he starts to throw the egg aside, he has second thoughts and takes it in to be appraised instead.

The egg is pure gold! The farmer can’t believe has good fortune. He becomes even more incredu-lous the following day when the experience is repeated. Day after day, he awakens to rush to the nest and find another golden egg. He becomes fabolously wealthy; it all seem too good to be true.

Both with his increasing wealth comes greed and impatience. Unable to wait day after day for the golden eggs , the farmer decides he will kill the goose and get them all at once. But when he opens the goosr, he find its empty. There are no golden eggs -and now there is no way to get anymore. The farmer has destro-yed the goose that produce them.

I suggest that within this is a natural law, a principle – the basic definition of effectiveness. Most people see effectiveness from the golden egg paradigm: the more you produce, the more you do, the more effective you are.

But as the story shows, the effect-iveness is a function of two things: what is produced (the golden egg) and the producing asset or capacity to produce (the goose).

If you adopt a pattern of life that focuses on golden eggs and negle-ct the goose, you will soon be without the asset that produce golden eggs. On the other hand, if you only take care of the goose with no aim toward the golden eggs, you soon won’t have whether to feed yourself or the goose.

Effectiveness lies in the Balan-ce – what I call the P/PC Balan-ce. P stands for production of desired results, the golden eggs. PC stands for production capability, the ability or asset that produces the golden eggs.

Don’t undermine health and wel-fare of the goose and you focus on the golden egg, you won’t make it out.

The PC principle is to always treat your employees exactly as you want to treat your best custo-mers. Remember you can buy a persons hand but you can’t buy his heart. His heart has reserved his enthusiasm, his loyalty is. You can buy his back but you can’t buy his brain. That’s where his creati-vity is, his ingenuity, his resourcefulness.

PC work is treating employees as volunteers just as you treat custo-mers as volunteers, because that’ what they are. They volunteer the best part – their hearts and minds.

P/PC Balance is very essence of effectiveness. Its validated in every arena of life. We can work with it or aganaist it but its there. Its a light house. It balances going for the grade and paying the price to get an education. Balancing short term and long term. Its a principle you can see validated in your life when you burn the candle at both ends to get more golden eggs and wind up sick or exhausted, unable to produce any at all.


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