Do you know yourself?

As you read this article, try to stand a part from yourself. Try to project your consciousness up-ward into a corner of the room and see yourself, in your mind’s eye, reading. Can you look at yourself almost as though you were someone else?

Now try something else. Think about the mood you are now in. Can you identify it? What are you feeling? How would you des-cribe your present mental state?

Now think for a minute about how your mind is working. Is it quick and alart? Do you sense that you are torn between doing this mental exercise and evalua-ting the point to be made out of it?

Your ability to do what you just did is uniquely human. Animals do not posses this ability. We call it “self-awareness” or the ability to think about your every thought process.

This is the reason why man has dominion over all things in the world and why he can make significant advances from gene-ration to generation.

This is why we can evaluate and learn from others? Experience as well as our own. This is also why we can make and break our habits.


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