World hunting humanity

Do you know the world is seeking humanity? Just after your fall, destruction or death is when no one will be interested in you. When you are up to succeed everyone will try to be close to you and pretend to be helping out. They all act as if you are special and willing to stand along with. Many successful people are oftenly distracted/interupted by humanity. The world tries to put them under certain pressure and tension. Others will act as if they are ready to spend their money just to see you make it up but none of them are your friend. Remember everyone wants to be great and excel just like you. Nobody wants to be stepped upon like a carpet or a door mat. So whenever you are meeting idle or helpless people to join into your business just know they aren’t too stupid to think. Some maybe lacking what you have either resources or support to develop their foundation. For instance there is this a neighbour of mine who graduated in Degree in Medical Laboratory few years ago. He has been writting CVs and applying for job over 3years with no succession. So recently he got luck into getting employed in one of the newest hospital launched on our town. As days passed, the chap has tricked up his cards well and managed to raise a private chemistry shop in our home town streets. Despite the complain of drugs and medications in the hospital, the guy refers the patients to buy at his private chemistry. There the price is alittle bit high but people still buy. So in this scenario the hospital may tend to believe that it has trust worthy clients but non of them is. What if they are five per cent of employees owning private chemistry shops? How do we expect the hospital business to thrive? Just be careful with whoever surrounds you. We are all victims if circu-mstances. No one to trust. No one to believe. Everybody wants to gain. When you loose everyone will laugh at you so just be carefull.


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