Everybody stuck in freaky life we live. Like you and the world. We think we are right than others. How you live is always your best and how I live is always my best. People just have their opinions even if they are wrong. My mother used to advice us to read books while my father used to encourage watching inspiring video clips. All of them were right in their perspective but we liked interacting with nature and facing the reality. So who was right or wrong? Nobody. All of these opinions were all important.

This takes me to the case of religions in contrary to humanity. Everyone tend to belive that his or her humanity is the best but we forget one thing. Every religion is right or wrong in some other means. Just like the Muslims belive that God is one, even the Catholics do so. Just like the Anglicans practice the act of holy communion even the Catholics do so. Do you hear of the Quaran book of the Muslims? Then hope you also hear of book called Bible used by Christians. All these books are used for reference of their worshiper and beliefs of the One God. It all defines the supernatural existance of their leader and ways to embrace his being through praises, worship and honour.

As we look through all these, we discover there is lot of similarities in symbolism despite differences in naming. Our items closely relate to purpose to define one specific being which is God. No matter how right or wrong we feel we are, we are all stuck to one thing. No matter how rich or poor you are, we are all equal in Gods eyes. Nothing in this world can separate Gods love to humanity. Remember before Jesus finally rested on the cross he prayed for the soldiers who were tearing apart his clothes into pieces that

“God forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.”

You maybe juding how someone is living and not knowing that he is innocent in the eyes of God but you are guilty just because of that act of judging. Be careful don’t assume you are the righteous one remember the word says that:

“A way that seems right in the eyes of a man, not knowing the end of it leading to death.”

Have a peaceful day!


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