Of creepy men who get women drunk so as to easily bed them

Why do men think that they need to get womrn drunk to increase their chances of having sex with them?

I was stunned and appalled when I came across an article from a reputable website advising men on how to get a woman to sleep with them.

At the outset, it all sounded harmless, constructive even. I myself have written plenty of articles guiding men on how to hit it off with the ladies.

The article started off light with actual practical tips on how to talk to women and make them comfortable around you.

There was even a tip on how men should refrain from inviting women over to their homes too soon.

Cook for her

The writer suggested to wait until at least the third date before setting up a home date. I thought that was quite insightful.

He also suggested cooking for the girl instead of getting take out, or worse, expecting her to come and cook, whih I agreed with.

Then he got to the part where you finally have the girl in your house and things got pretty quickly!

First, he suggested that the guy shouldn’t start cooking until the girl arrives at the house.

When I first read that, I thought the reason was that so he woul-dn’t serve her cold food. I mean, duh, right? But then I read on and his reason almost knocked me off of my seat! It had nothing to do with serving her cold food.

No, it was something a little bit more sinister.

He said that the guy should wait until the girl arrives to start cooking so that he can offer her alcohol to drink while he cooks and she would undoubtedly get drunk quicker since she would be drinking on an empty stomach. Is it just me or does that just sound horribly diabolical?

Dark arts

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, he went on to advise that man should make something light for dinner.

He suggested rice, chicken and vegetables as opposed to some-thing heavy like steak and potatoes.

Reason? I am glad you asked. Hold on to your seat because this is another shocker. He said that food reduces drunkenness and the heavier the food, the bigger the impact on the drunkenness.

So he suggested serving her light food to make sure that she stays as drunk as possible because you want her nicely sloshed when you finally make a move.

How nefarious! I was astounded What had started out as an innocent guide to help men have better luck with women was starting to read more like a manual for rapists.

Pathetic wimps

I don’t even know where to start to unpack these ridiculous sugge-stions!

I would like to believe that by the time you are invinting a woman over to your house, you have already talked about sex.

I assume that she is coming to your house knowing that sex is going to happen and she is ready for that. So why do you need to resort to these shady tactics?

Are you afraid she is going to change her mind? And if she does, do you think it is okay for you to get her drunk and rape her? That is what it is: Rape.

Are men such pathetic wimps that they believe that they can’t score with a woman unless she is drunk?


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