Whose fault?

Is it our parents fault? Our friends? Our job? Our destiny? Are we blinded somewhere? Why are so different than what is expected of us to being? People are just separated by what they own. Be it friends, families, relatives, work mates, guardians, wealth, materialism, religions, tribes, beliefs, status quo, careers, age, ideas, mindset, personality and many more. We never want to be together like one another. People are full of jealousy and hatefull opinions towards others achievements. We all seek enemies and friends just to fight for nothings. Stop lying one another with talks of loves which never come to be. Will it new to us if we here of relationship, leadership and more crime crisis. Are we so greed to external world than our inner world. Take a time and try to imagine like you don’t know anything at all in the world and you arr so blank. Refresh your mind as if you ain’t in any toxic connection be it in humanity or evileness. See the world like a neutral place, no friends no enemies. Everybody is just aint thinking or minding you or whatever else. We all just interact just to get something from a human being. You are all same thinking level and you all are just blank and freely living. Living with unmindful of what others are or maybe like. Living like empty socrates sailors and bandits brain. No knowledge nor wisdom in existance. No one poor or rich anywhere. World is neutral. People all the same. Just intreracting through socialisation. How would that be. You just see everything without feelings or anything of kind to consider off. No sadness No happiness. People live freely enjoying resources with one another. If its love its allover everyones mind; no separation, no conflict; no braggness; how could that be.


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