Finally “…” Gone

Life is never fair. Everything has its good and bad. No neutral world. No peace all time. No goodness all time. Do you recall my recent post about a woman who sued his husband for being too good and never argued or fight up with her?

Things ain’t the way we expect them to be. Our children never hear parents advice or maybe they just hear but ignore.

Those leaders we elect to expect to be good only to turn back and bite us. They promise us more only to forget and act like they never did it.

What of lending someone some great money,only to end up taking long to return it back so that you forget it. Or paying a little and then brushes the remaining amount.

Remember that good friend used to be loyal and kind. Caring about your where abouts. Giving you gifts and lots of love during happy moments. Showing empathy and compassion all time. Risking his or her time with resources just to see you smile. Making calls before any step to make out. But later they break up too easily with lots of seriousness to imagine off.

A job you got employed with lots of expectations and commit-ments only to be fired after struggling to meet employer’s expectation. You feel like drained and being used. You even end up hate up getting employed and start being self entrepreneur.

Did you struggle alot to read for examination all night only results out and you failed. Or maybe setting was different and you could recall what you studied. What if you expected abetter grade than what really came out?

Have you ever prepared a party full of foods to choose, only few people to turne up. Or organised for photo or video shoot session, only the camera man to fail turning up or getting rainy all day.

Recall, when you were little baby and expected mummy to come back with something good from work, but turned up empty handed with no words to explain. You just became bored and even pretend to have no appetite for food and suddenly rush to bed to cry and wip out your tears in the middle of the pillow.

Promises getting broken. Love fading. Experiences into vanity. Its life and thats how it is. All gone? Maybe its a path we got to fullfil.

Life is a sacrifice. So are you living? Whats your purpose?


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