Antiparasitic friends

This are types of friends who act like parasites on us. They all want to be dependent and distrubing ones. Pretend to be social and needy all time. Borrowing is their slogan. When you say ‘no’ they call you selfish and ignorant. And if for instance you happen to give them whatever they ask, they end up to falsely promising to return it some days but they never. Some choose to extend the period or act forgetful. Others keep claiming to return it untill they happen to lose or break it or even selling it. These kind of friends always act as the backbone of emotional support in a friendship. They rarely give out help unless it concerns their benefit. Incase of anything unique happening to them, they always make sure everyone is aware. They brand themselves nicknames that symbolize their personality. In men, most of them tend to; draw tattoos, drug & substance abuse, conflict creators, ballers and kingpin of violence and abusive traits. In women: they are smokers, alcoholics, gossipers, violaters, tough and harsh of speaking.

Just be humble and kind.

Be aware! Watch out!


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