Phones addiction…

People are extremely addicted to their phone than anything else. Find others in church pretending to be reading bible software.

See them in bus watching whatsapp funny clips. Old men are gambling along the streets. Others taking selfies in clubs while drinking. Students googling & coping assignments from internet. Others busy creating self videos and photo shooting. Or even just staring at them with nothing important doing. We are addicted to phones less than addiction in socializing naturally. No storytelling orally. We are all preocupied with our gadgets like anything else. Everyone in the dining room is looking at their phones instead of their respective plates. Couples want to cheat one another on phones at bed as their partners are busy locked in deep sleep. We much of our phones than we know our neighbours. Do we forget that old saying of Old is Gold? Maybe but who knows? Thats how technology keeps overuling our culture unkowingly. You shall agree with me that even a small 2year kid already knows how to operate your Tv remote. The world is evolving with magical copy carts chaps that sounds like genous and wise generation. Ten years to come, perhaps we shall only be seeing vegetation only in our villages or being planted in the balcon of a top masion in the city. Change is become to inevitable to reject or stop. Anyway just a periphery imagination can turn ideas into real facts full of probablity to become real experience.


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