Love is…

Love is the only term that almost everybody knows or has heard of. We tend to sound it as something too nice to believe.

Bu we never think of hurting hiden feelings in it. Majority of young population relate it to caring way to one another. But thats not the case. Actually love is like addiction. If you are addicted to something or someone or even certain habit, then you are in love. Do you watch TV frequently? Then you are in love with that habit of watching. Do you feel attracted to certain feelings when you socialize with a pretty girl somewhere? Are you interested in buying her coffee as you chat? Are you willing to sacrifice your time just to be with her? Do you feel hurt when she snobs you up? Do you keep on thinking of her more no matter how hard you try to forget her actions? Are you free to share private life story with her? Then you maybe in love with her unkowingly. Love is a broad topic. It comprises of many deep issues to talk of. Just to mention of sacrifices, attention, commitment, valuing, special treasures, model and link between beings. Don’t forget love also fades. You become boring doing or feeling something every now and then. I just can’t explain it all.


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