Life as journey & love.

From innocence,to experience

I have judged, I have been judged

I have loved, I have been loved

From dependence, to indipendence

Talkig, to listening

Changing, to transforming

Consulting, to advicing

Directing, to controlling

Young, to maturing

Growing, to aging

Following, to leading

Paying, to earning

Giving, to receiving

Interesting, to boring

Believing, to trusting

Loving, to hating

Ignoring, to focusing

Struggling, to enjoying

Useless, to usefull

Everything fades. Just like love fades. There is time for every-thing. Despite not being so impo-rtant in our lives, the are rights of passage in life. We can never skip since experience is the only best teacher in life. Maybe all is ‘vanity’ maybe not. Change is all around our life.


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