People act, react and forget.

Trust me not, this fact is true. Even the devil was an angle. Have ever had a friend who betrayed you despite of acting to be honest and caring? Have you ever had a workmate who seems to be interested in helping only to mess up all? Have you ever dated a simple and kind guy, who later abandons you only after spending with you nights on bed? Maybe, you paid for a fake item somewhere? Maybe getting conned or frauded? Or, getting blackmailed by close friend? Or maybe witnessed someone else? We just can’t quit socializing with more talking, laughing and even hurting and forgiving one another. Our long-time friends turn to be future-enemies. Leaders turn us to be pleaders. They cheat on us and mislead us. All they want is to feel superior with more and more speeches on the media. We never hold firm to our culture. People just allow any culture to over rule them. If its gambling, we do it all. If its weed smoking we legalize. If its complaining, we become same. Later, we blame those who gave us the trend and we accepted it. Are we all driven by external realities. We are our own problems. Because thats what we are. Act today, react tommorow and forget day after tommorow.


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