Sometimes I try to figure out these term “forgiveness”. Its good to forgive whenever someone wrongs us or does something bad to us. But what if he does it intentional? How do we know? Who is to be blamed? We aren’t being honest to one another thats why I give it 50% under my rating. Are you agreeing with me? I just can’t imagine what if a person intentionally kills you abd then asks you for forgiveness as you continue dieing. Life is just ain’t fair. We sometimes just have to revenge back to feel valued. Or whats your opinion? Do you say “sorry” every now and then? Lets share with one another.


2 thoughts on “Forgiveness…50%”

  1. If a person says sorry and asks for your forgiveness that’s a good thing. BUT if they are not really sorry the chances are they will do it again. From past experiences in my life I have become a less forgiving person.

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