Come to think of…

Are you in a business somewhere like selling clothes, sellig books, typing on your laptop, cooking on a restaurant, hawking etc. Remember the times when; customers came in crowds like termites, stock always got finished faster, your business was busy, people came to ask questions frequently, you earned good profit, everything just got amazing. Or maybe the reverse when: you became bored at work, no customers or few, high competitions, high loss, business conflicts, bankruptcy etc.

Come to think of now.

All these are just what business life cycle is. Nothing goes straight to the destinastination so easily. There must be some stumbling blocks no matter how you try to avoid them. But do you mind? Don’t be like a man who is travelling to a certain destination, but reverses his car to chase away dogs that barked along the way. Was he not wasting time and energy? Just come to think of it.


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