Beauty of…?

Technology is what seems familiar than history. We are all aware of top brands and labels of trending items like lenovo/apple laptop or even phones. Things seems to be dramatic as days age. Talking of realionships among celebrities, politicians, actors, fighters, animals, students etc. We all get informed through grapevine communication like rumours and discussions on media. Phones are our mobile companions just like our TVs on sitting rooms. Our children already know of what is next program on various channels. We still know our favourite animation on weend than we know what caused the Civil war. I am talking about the beauty of books, where did it go? Walk at nearest library;people ain’t reading, books overload on shelves, librarian is chatting on phone or maybe taking a nap. People have changed into betting, partying and little part-time job. We forget of our old dictionaries, novels, magazines and bibles under our quition chairs or bed pilllows. Just few pages and feeling tired. Clicking on facebook or browsing n internent. Or maybe scrolling and uploading videos to watch on instagram, youTube and whatsapp. We never read those short scripts given on sunday at entrance into church function. Others only mind reading the headlines and judge on their thinking. Where did books go wrong? Is it ignorance which kill our beauty culture in extensive reading? Am just…


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