Woman seeks divorce from hubby for being too nice

Media in the UAE (United Arab Emirates) recently reported the almost-unfathomable case of a woman who is seeking to divorce her husband after a year of marriage, because he loved her too much and never once argued with her.

If this funny news story is anything to go by, too much of a good thing can indeed be harm-ful in the long run.

The lady recently sought to per-manently separate from her husband at the Shariah court in Fujairah, because she felt choked by his love and affection.

To make matters ‘worse’, the husband allegedly never argued with her during their one-year marriage and even helped her with house chores like cleaning, which she described as ‘hell’.

“He never yelled at me or turned me down,” the poor woman rep-ortedly told the court.

“I was choked by extreme love and affection. He even helped me clean the house.”

“I long for one day of dispute, but this seems impossible with my romantic husband who always forgave me and showered me with gifts,” she added.

“I need a real discussion, even an argument, not this hassle-free life of obedience.”

Present in court during a prelim-inary hearing, the husband told stunned judges that he felt he had done nothing wrong, and that his sole goal was to “be a perfect and kind husband”.

Unfortunately, it seems like it was his excessive desire to please his wife that made her want a di-vorce.

The husband admitted that he went to great lengths to please his wife, telling judges that one time, when she complained about his weight, he went on a diet and started exercising. He even suffered a leg fracture as a result of his efforts.

Still he asked the court to advise his wife to reconsider her quest for divorce.

“It’s not fair to judge a marriage from the first year, and everybody learns from their mistakes,” the man said, accord-ing to the Khaleej Times. Luckily for him, the court adjourned the case to give the two parties a chance to reconcile.


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