Why new catch’s ex, dating history should bother you?

I like to get the topic of past relat- ionships out of the way as soon as possible. Not because I am no-sey and like to pry into potential boyfriends’ past love interest but because I believe that you can tell alot about a man by the way he talks about his exes.

I have written off plenty of pote-ntial boyfriends based on this qu-estion alone. I like to know, right off the bat, how many serious re-lationships he has had and why these relationship ended.

Most people are apprehensive about asking the tough questions during the first few dates.

I don’t know about you but I wo-uld rather not wait until the tenth date to find out that a man I have invested my time and em-otions in has a fatal flaw that I can’t live with.

I recently went out with a guy I met online and 20 minutes into the date, I knew I wasn’t going to be seeing him again.

We had been making small talk, chatting about our careers, our likes and dislikes and stuff like that when after a bit I enquired about hos dating history.

Before when I had asked him questions about other aspects of his life, his responses were detec-hed and dispassionate.

Now all of a sudden, he seemed to find his voice. He told me that he had just gotten out of a relati-onship with the most beautiful woman on the world.

His face lit up as he talked about her. It was cleat as day that he was still hang up on his ex but that wasn’t even the interesting part.

I had expected him to start ram-bling about the state of their re-lationship and why it ended but instead I spent the next thirty minutes listening to him describe her ‘out-of-this-world’ beauty. I kid you not! He told me that she was hot, she could be a super model.

He went on further to assure me that even though most guys say that their girlfriends are the most beautiful in the world, in his case it was really true.

He even offered to show me her picture but I politely declined.

The next day, he seemed genui-nely confused as to why I woul-dn’t go out with him again. I wanted to laugh out loud!

Maybe his ex-girlfriend really was Cleopatra reincarnated, but did he really think it was appro-priate to drone on and on about his ex’s beauty to a woman he was trying to woo?

Why would any man in his right mind want to make a woman feel like he is drowngrading by dating her? It is ridiculous!

I have also come across a few men who believe that every wo-man they dated screwed them over, a huge red flag.

I have always cautioned women to be aware of men who talk ill of their exes and calls them crazy.

Someone said that a man is allo-wed only two crazy exes. Any more than that means he picks them crazy or he makes them crazy.

Jokes aside, you should pay close attention to how a man describes the women he has dated. If he sounds bitter and angry, run for the hills.

Finally, learning about his past relationships can give you some insight on what to expect.

For instanc, if he cheated, he may very well cheat on you too. So, ladies, be wise. Ask those uncomfortable questions!


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