You are not alone…

Society! Society! Society! Nothing ever changes. We all keep feeding our natural self with mere insecurities that take us to no level. I was once told that: Another mans food is another mans poison or maybe in physics school about force: For every action force, there is a total reaction force on the opposite side. All these comes to reality in exposing our ‘self-dought’ to what surrounds us. Maybe we are all the same, maybe not. But who knows? Talking of insecurities, what is the cause of lack of self confidance? Is it fearing people who are just human beings like you with bloods on their veins. And are you the only one who lacks self confidance? No, meaning we keep on fearing one another that creats insecurities among us. What about friendship? Your friend A could be my enemy B and my enemy B could be your friend A. But all in all its the ‘same person’. We keep on rotating on same things over and over. Why should you be free to talk to teacher about issue X and fear to talk about the same issue X with classmates? Is there a great treasure in teacher than students? Is your teacher so special than your classmates? What of gossip? When you talk about me in a gossip and I talk about you in a gossip, why should you hate me and you also gossip about me. When you laugh at my struggles, and I also laugh at yours, where should enemity arise and we all do the same same things to each other. Stop planting your self into insecurities over repetitive habits that we all do. If its cheating, we have all done in life. If its stealing, we have all done in life. Just stop worrying yourselves over nothing big. And start celebrating life. Good night!


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