The sense of fitting in…

Life is full of mismatching your surrounding to adapt it in order to survive. Whenever you choose to be poor or rich, you have to fit in. Thats why birds of the same flock together stands along generations to generation. You can never be different among same people. Its either you choose to be blamed and intimidated or you choose kind of people that mismatch you. For instance in the bible as Jesus tried to be a saviour among the oppressors and violaters, he was hated by many and ended up betraying to kill him. Every new thing can never fit in an old thing. We have to believe and trust that we can never betray our own selves but we can betray others. We can say false words but we can never hide truth among us. Every truth stands. You can never destroy it. If for instance you choose to do bad things, then trust me bad things shall come back to you. This reminds me of a nigerian epic movie I watched yesterday night as enjoyed crunchy snacks with countless sips of red wine. I really learned great lessons about sense of staying true to yourself and fitting in where you are supposed to. About the movie: A black young man witchcrafted his rich father who was a great king into death in order to inherit the wealth as the next of kin. After his evil act and accomplishment, a disaster struck the who soceity with a unique disease that no doctor could treat. After a few months her wife and children died in a road accident as they were heading to super market for shopping. This lead to pressure and stress on the palace. The king harrased and act harshly among his servants. As days went down the line, the king married a new wife for purpose of satisfaction, standarbility and emotional support. One night, as king was sleeping his new wife suddenly started caughing, bleeding and shivering. When he tried to offer some first aid, she end up facing difficulty in breathing and high pressure which struck her into death. The kingdom was in a crisis of misery concerning diseases and deaths all over. When the elders, experts and medicians were called, they end up claiming that something was wrong with the king. But they rest their case to the gods of land. That night of the same day, the king was attacked by her witchraft woman who appeared inform of ghost. The woman claimed that their satanic spirits were angry because he had married a new wife which was aganaist their agreement. Hence, they demanded her biological mother’s blood for better life continuity. But the king rebuked the request and claimed that his mother was the only blood left after his father died. He had no brother or sister to stay with. The evil woman ghost struked the king into blindness and dissapeared. The king weeped and regreted for his own actions that now yield results. Life was never the same. He suffered all day and night until the day he was taken to church for salvation. The preacher demanded him to say the truth to be saved. After giving his truth and testimony out, he was deliver infront of shoked and amazed people. Many people wondered how evil and pretendful the king was. And that is what brought the movie to the end.

What do we learn from these? The bad never go unpunished. The good is covered with lots of evil. Don’t judge abook by its cover. Every action you make has consequences. Truth shall berevealed one of these days. Don’t judge abook by its cover.

Many lessons but one word is “honesty” to summarize all. Try to be true and don’t expect to be rewarded for that. Learn to fit in your lane no matter what opportunity seems to be available. Don’t be like a college drop out who choses to focus on music despite his new song hitting the boards. Everything has its on time. Be patience. Take it slow.


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