Art of changing…

Life needs to be a smart guy in order to thrive. Truth is that the road to success and the road to failure are both the same. You need to play your cards well. Remember prevention is better than cure. This reminds me of middle class people. They are neither poor or rich. All their choices fall in ‘both’ parties. In addition they maybe theyvenjoy life than the other people who are specifically rich or poor. In life you have to keep on changing how you do things. Even relationships keep changing from girlfriend to wife, boyfriend to husband, son to father, daughter to mother, learner to master, nurse to doctor, life to death, young to maturity till the end. We can never be the same no matter how hard we try to be. Boredom is what haunts us if we don’t change our lifestyle. It’s boredom that made a university student to start smoking and flexing in the citylife trends. It’s boredom that makes us become lazy and tired doing the same job over and over. It’s boredom that makes us move to a new apartment so that we see as if life is making a difference. Boredom is actually dangerous than failure. Because failure proves that one has tried but boredom never. Failure takes us in a position to gain stabilty and never feel worried of anything. It builds us a room to learn from our mistakes and re-invent back to productivity. It also gives us a sence of trial and participation in a constructive work. In addition boredome may make you see all your previous task of no importance and just like ‘vanity’. Sometimes we tend to admire some people who are on better heights i.e professors and experts. These people who have worked out the same same things like research decades to decades until they are too old to talk more words. All they do is to comprise short quotes that sum up all their previous dedications to their career. They never tell you specific figure but sum up in few assumptions. Why? Because of perfectionism over same task experience that leads to boredom.

Why should you struggle to build a great car model in 50 years and it becomes crushed in a road accident for 15seconds?

If you knew you could have done things differently. Because change is inevitable and is what keeps us growing. I rest my case!


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