Friends who…

Since I started being friends with human kind, I still not to understand one unique character. I mean friends who never show you where they stay or never allow you to pay them a visit. This type of friends are secretive and tend to hide their private identity. Whenever you plan to meet, he or she will always prefer you meet somewhere else like football pitch, restaurant, at corner of building, sign post etc and not where they stay. When you insist, some give complex excuse of either harsh parents or anything that feels uncomfortable. And whenever you meet, they are always in a panic and hurry move. Their main focus is always on how long they shall spend time being with you. Claiming they are stucked in home chores and won’t wish to dissappoint their families or guardians. They plant numerous responsibility to themselves that makes you feel sorry and pity for them. I just can’t get enough of it. But sometimes its hard to know the truth behind closed doors. We can’t blame them, maybe they are honest or not. Who knows? Its life full of choices and experiences. The more you live, the more you experience.

Thank you for reading this article. Have a good day and night.


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