Plants that purify your indoor air

What is in the air you breathe? Air pollution is a major threat in most cosmopolitan habitats. Harmful molecules that are free-floating in the air compromise your home’s indoor air quality. There are several carcinogenic pollutants in your home. A few examples are benzene from your cooking gas, tobacco, adhesives, detergent and some paint. Formaldehyde is present in engineered wood products, cosmetics, vaccines. Volatile organic compounds (VOC) leak from paint and new carpets for up to five years. Trichloroethane, xylylene and toluene are other indoor toxins. The collective pollutants in your home may be more toxic than those in outdoor air. Most of your household products are made from compounds that off-gas. Off gass-ing is the process of continous slow toxic release into your air. An easy way to reduce indoor air pollution is by introducing certain plants in your home. Here are a few such plants.

Palm family

Palm trees are effective in air purifiers. The Areca palm is effective in removing toluene and xylene from the air. The Bamboo or reed palm removes formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethane. Dwarf date plant rids your air of xylene. It, however, should be kept away from children as it has sharp spines.

Dracaena “janet Craig

This plant effectively filters outvtrichloroethane from the air.


Did you know that Ivy removes up to 94 per cent benzene from the air in 24 hours? Ivy also gets rid of mould in the air. Ivy is toxic to pets and children and should be kept out of reach.

Snake plant

Also known as Sanseveria or Mother-in-law plant, the snake plant is a perfect bedroom plant as it produces a lot of oxygen at night. It is effective in absorbing formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and benzane from the air.

Spider plant

Spider plant absorbs formal-dehyde and radiation from your air and is easy to maintain.

Cactus and succulents

NASA completed a study that the cactus family absorbs electromagnetic radiation. EMF is emitted from your routers, cell phones, microwaves and computers. This is the secret reason succulents are grifted for use on an office desk. EMF radiation usually travels in a straight line so aim to place your plamts in this line. Google pictures of the plants your local plant you would like and visit your local plant vendor and remember you need up to none houseplants to clean up air in a standard size family house.


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