Unlike other wellness forms, hiking allows us to interact with nature more.

The word wellness seems to be in everybody’s lips with more people enrolling in the gym or adopting healthy way of eating. Others envision wellness as sitting in solitude in a yoga posture while others wake up early for a morning jog. There seems to be a new sherrif in town in as far as wellness is concerned. Unlike walking that entails moving a shorter distance, hiking involves an extensive, vigorous walk, usually surrounded by nature. From the sedate hill walks to the snow capped peak of Mount Kenya, to high altitude routes on alpine slopes, Kenya is blessed with superb terrain where trekkers, both beginners and experienced ones, can have unforgertable experiences.


When it comes to gains, there are sevwral reasons why you should embrace hiking as a form of wellness. According to Harun Makwana of Summit Seekers, hiking is not onlyva fun activity but is also a great workout. The fact that you had to catch your breath as you climbed thatvrugged hill and latervon nurse sore calf muscles after the whole affair is the evidence that it’s a serious affair. Scientists have discovered that hiking builds stronger musclescas well as improves cardiovascular perfomance. Factors like the speed at which you hike, however, the weight of your pack as well as the type of terrain can influence how fast you burn calories. Other advantages of hiking include boosting your mental health by allowing you time to reflect and meditate…is a great way to bond with loved ones, and unplugging from technology.


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