Have you ever met jobless youth?

Un employment crisis has risen down the years. Many youth end up finding no jobs even after graduation. These maybe due to numerous reason including high competition, lack technical skills, lack of experience needed by the employers, poor CV writting, corruption, vilolence and even lack of enough resources to establish their own business i.e capital, legal requirements etc. Others are just lazy sitting waiting for rainy days. They don’t choose to engage in constructive activities. If you happen to walk along the streets, you may find most of them on movie & gaming shops, wines & spirits shops, gambling shops, partying avenues, smoking zones and more toxic places. They all think of life being meant for enjoyment till death. They never want to struggle anymore. Some even spend decades living and sleeping in the same house with their mothers despite being old enough to start supporting themselves. I don’t mean to sound so sarcastic but just a point of assumption. Surely, are we becoming lazzy to even forgetting our responsibilities? Do we all lean on our parents so that we inherit what they own after death? Do we? Atleast some youth are trying but most just don’t care where they are heading to. Life just happens to them like an accident. They never take time to think of themselves. All they want is materialism, sexual intercourse, smoking and getting drunk all night in aparty. Most of them own numerous contacts but few of them often add value to their lives. Youths are never the same. Copycarts culture is arising. Singing the same songs over and over again. Nobody wants to be different. No one wants to be hated for saying and following the truth. Many want to pretend, pretend, pretend until the end. If you happen to meet a boy along abush waiting for a girl-catch, they suddenly change the mood and start to pretend doing something different i.e making a phone call.


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