Facebook now averages over 2bn monthly users

Almost a third of the world’s population use Facebook atleast once in a month, new month, new data from the social media giant has shown. Facebook also recorded an average of over one bilion daily users as of June 2019. Since its launch in 2004, the company has experienced as a sustained growth in the number of its monthly active users. Users on other relatively new services within the Facebook family like WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger further balloon the numbers with an estimated 2.1 people using at-least one of them every day. The company, started by then Havard University students, Mark Zackerberg and three co-founders, has grown to have offices over 70 offices around the world.



Of the world’s population use Facebook atleast once in a month.


People use Facebook every month.


Facebook daily users in June 2019.

The social medoa site had

1 million

Users when it started 15 years ago.


Full time employees


Estimated people use facebook services each month.


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