Is it your life?

Life has lot of things to imagine and discuss about but what stands for is always your choice. The decision you make give you a will to take a choice all the way. The stronger the will power,the stronger the decision, the better the choice and vice versa. The life you live is best described under to options either external realities or internal realities. In external way, one allows the outward surrounding to control his life i.e peoples judgement, lust, fear, emotions and anything surrounding While internal way, one allows his own self mind, knowledge, wisdom, thoughts, ideas and anything pertaining self development & foundation. Sit down and examine yourself, are you controlled or you are self cotrol? Do you judge yourself or you let others judge you? Do you make yourself happy or you obtain happiness from people? Do you change for better of self or others? Do you use substance abuse because of self or others?

Everything you do should by influenced by either internal realities or external realities. So choose either to live people’s life or yours.

Have a good time!


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