How can I help you? If…

Sometimes it is hard to tell the truth especially if it hurts. We all all grow with expectations of something for brighter days. We all have invisible picture of how life could go like but sometimes it never that way. We just have to let it go. Its like you are a silent person and noisy people keep telling you to talk. They will never learn. Just for instance students eargerly sitting at a closing ceremony waiting for Headteacher’s speech, only to reach that moment and find most of the murmouring and others dozzing. Maybe you organise a party and people promise to come only to reach the D-day and no one comes.

Is it beeing too forgetfull? Too busy? Too junky? Too lazy? Too talkative? Too good? Too childish? Too questionive? When will they ever learn. People just learn and forget instead of studying and understanding. Anyway how can help you?If you continue being that way.


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