Put a shine to your car wash with add-ons

Life has not been smooth sailing for AnnRita Karimi. Due to difficulties in raising school fees, she dropped out of school in Form Three and became a house maid to fend for her family. After working as a maid for three years, AnnRita got into doing odd jobs, but all this while she had her eyes fixed on becoming an entreprenuer. This came to fruition when she met her husband, who was then working for a car wash. Her husband was experiencing a lot of challenges wifh his employer and it was from his frustrations that AnnRita saw an opportunity. She suggested that they explore cae wash businesd and invest for themselves since there was a huge market, more so with the taxis that operated within area in Langata. They started off with only two buckets and over the years their business, Massela Car Wash in Langata, has seven employees and the latest equipment. Business Coach linked up AnnRita with Samuel Muraya, the founder if Friends Car Wash on Dennis Pritt Road to offer tips on how to scale up her business. Here is some of the advice that Muraya shared:

Have a good relationshil with your suppliers

The car wash business is water reliant. It is with this in mind that one should establish a good relationship with suppliers so as to ensure that business operations are not interfered with.

Differentiate yourself from competitors

The car wash business has so many operators, with most offering similar services. In order to maintain and grow your clientele, find a differentiator that will attract loyalty to your business. This could be through offering value addition such as a WiFi network and beauty parlour services to keep your client engaged while their car is washed.

Train your team for efficiency

A car wash is prone to wastage, more so water and electricity which are the main components of the business. To reduce the cost of operations, train your team on proper management of the keg resources.


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