Is it true or who knows?

I was once with my fellow resea-rcher getting up a conversation at coffee restaraunt along city malls. Then we jumped into what he would prefer to quit between Smoking and Drinking. Has these ever come into your thought if you were once a victim. Before we could jump too far, everyone had to give out some facts and reality scenes. In smoking especially ciggarette, scientist claim to cause dangerous diseases i.e lung cancer,liver cirhossis etc but they mention of Marijiuana (weed). In drinking alcohol also claim of toxic implications of: kidney stones, lung cancer, heart attack and blood pressure but they never talk of soft drinks ie sodas. But come to think of reality for instance the reggea legend Late, Bob Marley, for how long has he lived smoking weed? What of the drunk, Late Lucky Dube? As we peeped through the fancy YouTube we came across the trending celebrities more of smoking and drinking ie Migos, Wizkhalifa, Future, Nicky minaj, Cardi B, Chris brown but they aint died too early. Then we thought its time we just top limiting our life span according to what we consume. Life and death are just an extraodinary topic to analyze fully. Who knows? Only God knows your remaining time. Give thanks and celebrate life. If you got opportunity to help do so, don’t postpone good deeds in life. You never know what is in for you. We all are just life passangers with different destinations. God is the driver and controller of our life journey. Before you alight from our vehicle make sure you live others in good mood of your departure. Stop judging people of what they do or how they were born, maybe its not their wish or out of their control. What if they enjoy being that way? What if they weren’t capable of being better due to their bankground? What if they are mad or witchrafted or cursed ? Who knows? Life is a choice. Everyone has one choice with two options right or wrong? What do you know if you keep learning everyday? I just wish you think of yourself first if you are perfect and good enough to judge others. Be blessed!


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