Are you an artist? Then

It has to my research that our entertainment segment is not making great sales of albums of artist as it used to. There is more competition and overcrowding of new artist who aren’t making it up. What could be the problem? Do they need any change? How could it affect in future? How do they correct themselves?

Answers of the above questions are as follows: First, the problems is many are in hurry and pressure to make it. They expect to hit out so fast and become successful.Others want to go alone with the strong belief of themselves than team spirit and co-operation inclusive in the wide competion .Few don’t have technicall skills and knowledge of industry while others lack resources i.e finance etc. Secondly, yes they need change including: carrying out extensive research, networking and co-operation, planning before acting, developing reading culture i.e novels, enhancing innovation and creativity and being patience as good things take time to come out. Thirdly, this may greatly affect their survival in the industrys’ competition. Also it may not gain them potential customers if the brand is not having a high or standard growth across the industry. In addition some artist may end up violated and bankrupt due to low kowledge & skills necessary for the business. Others may struggle and strain for long to make it due to lack of co-operation in production. Financial problems cause some to close down while creativity and innovation may also outlook some brands back on the drawing board. Lastly, how do we help them out? Through supporting them in technical skills i.e production and marketing. Moreover, we need also to support them financially in supporting the brands through buying of their articles. We can also cut down contentless songs and raise up some messageing items to encourage upcoming artists to be creative thinkers. In awards, the industry should not award to peoples interest but to the great revealing work of artist. Artist should be motivated in great management and pisitive relationship with whoever links with them. Not forgetting the gender equality and equal rights in everyone along the industry. Moreover,industry can have quick response to any conflict or crisis that maybe spreading with negative grapevine message that may affect the institution.


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