You can’t make it alone, says author

Self-actualisation is peoples’ ultimate goal in life, according to Abraham Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs. These are people who have reached their potential and are doing the best that they are capable of. Robert Kiyosaki, however, says on a blog post he published recently that entreprenuers are not likely to achieve that state due to personal limitations. The author of Poor Dad, Rich Dad, says: “No matter how confident, how independent, how smart, or even how hard a worker you are, you must understand that you can’t be successful alone”. Reasons? You’ll reach a celling or a level of success that you wont be able to move past on your own. Your time, knowledge and money will be exhausted. When that moment arrives, Kiyosaki says you should form a team of advisors around you even if it’s not yoir natural way of doing things. “The advisors should have a similar philosophy as you.” He adds that you should focus on your own financial education but seek out an expert in each of the main asset classes (real estate, paper assets, business and commodities). Lastly, you need to collaborate with other investors. This will enable you to achieve goals that seem to be out of reach when working alone.


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