The 4 rules that give you the edge

The true measure of success will always be a matter of debate. In my opinion, you become less satisfied with your achievements when you begin to compare yourself with others, even though the world is drsigned for competition. I was recently asked if I was successful and my answer was, “Not yet”. The we got into a polite argument with the interviewer and he listed all the milestones I had achieved over the years. That was his definition of success. But I see success more as phases. If I design a product or a project and it doesn’t kick off the way I had pictured it, then it gives me joy to go back to the drawing board. Whenever I face failure l, its a chance to explore new ground. So here are some of my rules when it comes to success.

1. Seek mentors

When I started my musical journey, as much as deep inside I knew I had the talent and the business mind to drive my brand into profits, I also knew that I needesld to get a guide, a mentor. Why is that important? If I was given the chance to go to a music class or get trained by a mentor then by all means I would choose the latter. I am a strong believer in practically and saving time. My reasoning over the years has been that the school operates in a system depending on what you are studying. If you are seeking to be a doctor, then you need the class because everything that you learn is important. The beauty about mentorship is that you get to learn from someone who is already in the field of your interest.

2. Research

Back to the competition debate. Let me give you an example on the systems that run my ‘economy’. If we are selling the same product then it is important to know the prices and the market equilibrium. Bythe time I am putting out my product and services to the world, I can answer any question and be able to convert the non-buying clients. Study market patterns, the prices, the source and the consumer. Research will help you create new purchasing trails and traits.

3.Never quit

I have talked about this before and why it is important not to giblve up. Mostly, we want results real quick and what that means is that if you fail, then your energy goes below the curveand you close shop. I have been in similar situations and almost everyone convinced me to close the business. It broke my heart. That’s what happens to you the visionary, your energy reduces and with time this kills the business. One of the most difficult choices you will ever make is becoming an entreprenuer. I was warned when I started, but luckily by then I had ‘creates luck’: I had strategically placed my business and my service was top. Get online and research on the 10 most successful entreprenuers. Check how many times they have failed. It might take long but the moment you get your business booming then the joy is sweeter.

4. Build a committed team

It’s amazing when you come up with an idea, but do you know what beats individual execution? A team Back to that famous saying, “team work makes the dream work”. I am a witness and beneficiary of this path. The problem comes when you don’t have a productive team. The recruit is really important; you might have a great vision and plan but if the team that is meant to execute it is not willing to then that eventually translates failure.

Mostly, we want results real quick and what that means is that if you fail, then your energy goes below the curve and you close shop.

My mentor told me I should take my time while assembling a team. One great lesson is that I should make sure that all the team members are driven, passionate about what they do. I have fallen a victim of building a premature team just because I was racing aganaist time. In my business adventures I have learnt a lot, but most important that if you don’t have the right mindset then the business will struggle. Let’s build enterprises and change the business playing field, let’s disrupt.


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