Law of… In life

I once examined these dramatic phenomenon of life about ‘attraction’. In its simple way it sounds so obvious that we all attract and get attracted also. But is there a law in between it. As we studied in school of science about ‘law of attraction’ it all summarised of: unlike poles attract, like poles repel. This sounds true at some point in life. Let consider each phrase respectively:

Unlike poles attract

Friends attract enemies, Rich attract poor, Expensive attracts cheap, Good attracts evil, positive mindset attracts negative mindset. Success attracts failure, Love attracts hate, Life attracts death, Bad people attract good people etc.

Like poles repel

Good people compete with good people, Bad fight to be baddest, Rich strike to be richer than others, Business entreprenuers strive to earn more than others, Some clever people struggle to make others fools.
When you go alone you go fast but when you go with others you go far.


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