You lose…or…gain

  • Do you know you lose powers by making someone happy? Good friends laugh each day. Goodfriends are there to keep. They will always remain loyal no matter what happens to you. They never quit something you did together. They also remember something you did together. They never take advantage of you. They will stay with you no matter what happens. Open-minded like people. They won’t miss to remind you of something you did together. They will inform you of something he or she learnt for long. They know how to solve certain conflict or dissarguments. Don’t loose in your own game. Play cards well. Give less, waste less, talk less, enjoy less, smoke less, fight less. Everything is less, less, less unless you want to lose. Always remember people who seek attention from you are the helpless. Don’t try to make everyperson happy. Just chill and play low. Everything you do or plant to always keep silent. People are there to make you unhappy because when you make someone happy you lose power thats why real bosses don’t give a damn. They are always anti-social repellant to their surrounding masses. They always want to know what you are upto. Just to steal something from someone. Either powers, responsibilty, personality, joy, happiness or anything from you. They always want to keep anything from you so that theg can know how to gossip about you. But its life we can never change anything about it. They are just human beings maybe thats how they were meant to be. Maybe we are all victims of difference circumstances. WHO KNOWS?

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