Signs you are losing interest in your life

Ignoring her when she asks for your attention is a sign you are losing interest in her.

A relationship that has casted for years is likely to lose the taste it had at the begginning. As the newness fades, interest could fade as well.

Here are signs you have lost interest in your wife

She no longer turns you on

When the relationship was new, you got turned on by little things she did including just sitting close to you. However, with time, thks fades and you are no longer feeling the same, when she is seated next to you.

You feel she is just a friend to you

This happens when you are no longer connected to her emotionally. The truth is two people have been married for many years are likely to have this ferling of just being friends. It no longer feels like love.

Her texts and calls are no longer important to you

She texts you when you are at work but you’re hesistant in replying because you feel they are not important to you. The same with her calling, you don’t see the need to pick them and when you go home, you don’t mind explaining.

You pull away from her when she attempts to bring you closer

Despite her efforts to make the marriage work, all you do is pull away and avoid her. She asks you for your attention but you ignore her. It’s clear you are losing interest.

You keep blaming her always

A little thing happens, you blame her. The next day a big thing happens and as usual you blame her and at the back of your mind you know its not their fault.

Bottom line

Love fades but we can always bring it back. So find a way of doing that or simply let her go.


1 thought on “Signs you are losing interest in your life”

  1. My wife and I just celebrated 27 years. What we found handy. Eat meals together and at the kitchen table. Set down outside and have morning coffee. Praying is big.
    I love her even more today than the day I met her. Back then it was physical. Today, it’s about us.

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