Everybody wants to…

This world is full of extreme fantasy with lots of imagery illusions. Since I was born, things never change. We keep on singinging the same music over and over again. Like everybody wants to go to heaven but no one wants to die. Everyone wants peace but no one wants justice. Everyone wants love but no one seeks trust. We all heading to the same direction generation to generation. Bad things happen to Good people, but why? Is it because they hold false beliefs? Wrong mindsets? Or poor direction? Everyday everyone dreams of ‘change’. We keep complaining about ‘people’, but who are these ‘people’. Are we not one of them? Aren’t they not human beings? Maybe your friend could be my enemy and my friend your enemy so what’s the point. We still play the same game. Poor or rich, both have problems. No easier way. We just rotating along the same opions because we all dream and wish with same hope. Hope for happiness, good life, longetivity, security, peace and harmony. Nobody seeks the other side of the door. But who is responsible?


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