Texting mistakes we make while chatting with her

We tend to make simple mistakes that seems to be obvious but deeply cost our relationships. Firstly, confessing your feelings through messages is common among us. Your words won’t bring emotions the way you think the receiver needs. Just plan out and meet her and have a face to face conversations. This will build a great environment for you to express true feelings. Secondly, you are too available. This often comes about when she texts you up and you reply immediately. Don’t expect her to do the same. As a gentleman atleast take sometime before you respond but doesn’t mean to be late enough. Thirdly, you text too much. Are you too wordy? Too many stories makes her bored to you. Atleast have brief conversations. Keep it short and sweet. Give her some time to do some other things as well as you do. Fourthly, waiting too long to text her back. Try and reply on time. Be active and participative. Don’t ignore her texts or call oftenly. Laslty, sending too long tezts with typos and too much short forms. This will get her bored with you. Maybe she isn’t understanding the abbreviations you have used. It takes long for her to get your communication clear. Be open minded and avoid soo much tricky ways. Remember simplicity is the best policy.


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