Old is gone…

At some point when we are young we tend to believe that we have enough time to plan for our life. We even end up investing in long-term tasks thinking that at the end of it we shall be that strong and flexible as we are. We set expections out of false imagination with the reality. Some end up relaxing and engaging in pleasurable activities forgeting that ‘poverty is knocking at the door’. Claiming not to be ready for relationships that may bring up ‘wives’ and ‘husbands’ and moreover ‘kids’. All we keep doing is WAITING for the appropriate time. These give aroom for fornications and substances abuse all the way. Not until you reach 28 years and you start claiming that ‘you are ready for anyone that comes along the way’. Your beauty is gone. Your great attractive personality is gone. Here is when tables turn and you start struggling with what you ignored before. Poverty? Responsibility? Health? Morality? Esteem? Goals? Saving? All these keep knocking your mind loud. No short cuts. Face it. It is all your fault. Its your life. Just watch whatever you choose to do in life because you are responsible for the outcome.


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