Is Change Boring..or maybe its giving up .?

Sometimes life keep tricking our minds. Once as I was walking down the street meditating, I thought about change. Everyday people try to convince us about change. Have you ever change anything in your life? Have you ever felt tired and loosed hope in anything you were doing? Have you ever felt these before? Maybe its my own premonitions with irony of mere life visions. I once tried to weigh the difference between ‘changing’ and ‘giving up’. Do people change because they gave up what they were doing? Or they just do it out of conciousness. But is it interesting to change or no to change. For instance a drunkard quits drinking completely, will life be the same. Maybe you change your car model into a new model, will it be interesting. Will you feel like going back to what you are used to. It is boring. Does it mean you gave up with your old model? Quiting your current job and getting a new one, will it mean you gave up or its good step. Maybe you’ve changed or maybe you are undecided or maybe its boring or maybe you ain’t firm in decisions. People will judge you differently with how they view. Maybe thats the reason you can never stop rumours about you because people think different of you. That life anyway. Whats your view in these?


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