How people behave when they see you feeling high?

They become too bussy making sounds to distract your mind.

They start muouring about your behaviour. They always want to capture your behaviour. What you say? What you do? How you feel? How they can raise aconflict with you and drive you into jail. Their main focus is to dismantle your foundation of success and end up ruining your life. They will always find away to pressure you good mood up. Some may end creating some tricks on your downfall road. Take a stand and be strong emotionallay. Don’t let anyone ruin your day. Creat up a blocking wall between job and personal life. You don’t have to give personal life into publicity. People who really want to associate anything from you always want something from you. I was once told that ‘people forget’. People forget what you passed through and just want your award. They want you to join them up so that they can overtake you. Drink you life energy and make you non valuable things. End up deceiving you with cheap promises and making you a fool in their game as if you are akid. They will never be happy when you are above them. All they want is see you falling back to their level.


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